Active Tracker

Realtime Remote Monitoring

Product Description :

ActiveTracker System helps Government Authorities to track illegal use of Sonography machines across India. It comprises of Hardware unit connected to Sonography machine and Web-based application.
System maintains information like Registration of the Device along with the Owner (Name of the Doctor, Clinic, Hospital etc.), Contact Mobile ( Used as Registered mobile for raising Alerts), Sonography machine Details, Government Registration Details. These details are recorded under Corporation / District Collector for suitable reporting. The system captures & records following events/information which is made available for further reporting, monitoring to Authorised Government officials:
a. Recording of all the output video generated by sonography machine
b. Information
- Device Status
- Application Status
- Video Loss Status
- Date & Time of the Active Tracker
- Disc space (Used and Remaining)
- Total no. of files per day
- Recording only on Motion Server application raises different
types of alerts like “Device off for more than 24 hours”, “Hard disc nearly full”, etc.

System generates Reports & Graphs:
- Usage enquiry of any device for the duration
- Report for all machines for user defined duration
- Enquiry / Report for all Alert situations

Product Details :
  • Category : Telematics
  • Cloud Based : Yes
  • Main Features : Realtime Monitoring of 2000 Sono, Simplified Design
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