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eTechSchool provides a suite of applications in a fully integrated manner, to cater to the needs of large educational organizations having several institutes and multiple disciplines under each institute, either various colleges(Arts, Science etc.) or departments (Electrical, Mechanical etc.). It is also suitable for a single entity like School. The system caters to the following class of users:

A. Administrators/Management
1. Define Processes and assign responsibilities, both routine and ad-hoc, thereby informing Teachers and other Staff in precise and unambiguous terms as to ‘What is expected & When?’
2. Set Rules & Regulations and monitor implementation and results.
3. Using system gathered information and statistics know ‘Where Institute stands?’ and set qualitative & Quantitative Targets for the future.
4. Keep Parents informed thru several system features regarding Student Attendance, Performance, School Events, Fees.
5. eTechSchool with very wide application scope provides Integrated Solution for most of the problems faced by School Administration.
6. eTechSchool allows Customization of several parameters to suit School Policies.
7. Create atmosphere and working conditions for NextGen School.
8. Streamline Admission process
9. Common tasks can be easily assigned to pre-defined group & monitored individually.

B. Staff:
1. Share Collective Knowledge & Experience by using eTechSchool as Medium of Exchange.
2. Defined Processes reduce Administrative work loads thereby creating opportunity to improve & enhance Teaching Methodologies as well as Teaching Contents.
3. Mundane tasks which are repeatedly carried out ‘Year after Year’ can be avoided.
4. Teachers can access all the features of the System from Home and manage their time more effectively.
5. System helps create new atmosphere & culture for NextGen School.
6. No Overheads of maintaining manually Attendance Registers, Student Logs, Staff Logs, Report Card Generation etc.
7. Leave Eligibilities & Leave Records can be viewed & tracked.
8. Keep track of Syllabus & Topics and Day-to-day teaching, Homework and Assignments.
9. Using Q-Bank module, generate multiple Q-Papers and conduct Practice Test/Exams.
10. Encourage Students by ‘Uploading’ their ‘Answer(s)’ as ‘Model Answer(s)’ to the Question Bank.

C. Students
For lower Standard Students:
1. Students are not burdened with “Communication Tasks” between Teachers & Parents.
2. Students do not have to write down “Homeworks & Assignments”. Parents can have access to these at Home.
3. eTechSchool helps create ‘Low Stress’ environment for Students and hence for the Parents!
4. Students can be instructed at home by parents for additional studies. Parents can spend time educating Student by using vast and virtually unlimited web information - links of which can be made available on eTechSchool.
For higher Standard Students:
1. All advantages as above, Plus:
2. Access to Q-Bank & related Tools can make learning enjoyable by looking at multiple ’Model Answers’ for various Qs and also Hints
3. Student can use existing Tests/Exams and practice at Home.
4. Student can identify weak areas and spend time on ‘Wrongly Answered’ questions.
5. Questions can be selected from previously ‘Incorrectly’ answered Qs. Self Evaluation on non-descriptive Qs is possible. This also keeps track of time taken. This way “Performance Improvement’ can also be monitored.
6. Student can also contribute to Q-Bank in consultation with Teacher
7. Student can view Performance in Home-works/Assignments, Test, Exams. Statistical

D. Parents
1. Parents are always kept up to date regarding Student Attendance, Performance, School Events, Fee.
2. Parents can keep track of Home-works assigned, Test / Exam schedules and use their time more effectively for child’s education. They get Alerts for important events and emergencies.
3. Whenever convenient they can look at the analysis of Child’s performance in absolute terms and also in comparison with the rest of the Class.

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  • Category : Education
  • Cloud Based : Yes
  • Main Features : CCE Simplified, One stop solution for Academics and Admin Activities
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