A Product catering to a variety of applications required by City Corporation like Health (Hospital, Dispensaries, Campaigns), Garbage Disposal, Fire Audits of Building/Factories, Illegal Constructions, Public Grievances

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Product Description :

eTechCity provides a suite of applications in a fully integrated manner, to cater to the needs of large City Corporation / Local Body where corporation authorities have to deal with Public, Public Utilities, Statutory Requirements, Health Campaigns and Public Grievances of varied nature. The system provides interfaces with Tabs & Mobile Apps on several platforms:
- Health – Ex. Diabetes Detection, Monitoring & Treatment thru several Hospitals, Dispensaries
- Fire & Safety Audits of Buildings and Factories (Notices, Certificates, Re-Audit, Scheduled Audits)
- Illegal Construction Tracking, Issue of Notices, Monitoring and taking suitable Actions (Legal, Demolition, etc.)
- Garbage Disposal – Vehicle Tracking including “Collection & Disposal” activity log
- Sewage Disposal Pumping Units – Monitoring of key parameters of the remote units and tracking routine maintenance requirements
- Public Grievances thru Call, web service, Mobile Apps – Tracking, Resolution and Updating the Complainant regarding the “Action Taken”
- Road, Traffic Problems
- Illegal Construction / Encroachment
- Garbage Disposal related complaints
- Registers of Properties (Owners, Transfer of Ownership – Heir/sale, Tenancy, Transfer of Tenancy)

System provides, “Event” based functionality to generate & allocate tasks to Corporation staff / hired contractors using pre-defined Process-Flow for various work-categories. These tasks are tracked, monitored and escalated to higher authorities depending on the Rules set by the Corporation. In the process System also keeps track of Heavy Equipment deployed directly by Corporation or thru designated Contractor.
Tasks are also generated using pre-defined schedules for routine activities

Product Details :
  • Category : eGovernance
  • Cloud Based : Yes
  • Main Features : Realtime Monitoring of all eGov Processes

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