Retail Execution and Management System (Reflexis)


Techlead developed the core of the Retail Execution and Management System (Reflexis), for the retail industry. This web-based system helps retailers to coordinate corporate planning, optimise workloads, streamline communications, monitor performance and respond to events effectively and in real-time. Techlead transferred the rights to this product to reflexis Systems in 2006. The Reflexis platform is now used by many leading retailers across the world to boost sales and profitability.

Company Registry System

Anguilla's Commercial Online Registration Network

Techlead developed ACORN (Anguilla's Commercial Online Registration Network) for the Government of Anguilla, a tax-free jurisdiction in the Caribbean. ACORN is a web-based Company Registry application which allows online creation of several categories of companies and tracks compliance requirements such as financial returns. It also includes an accounting module that assists in settlement of payments between the Government of Anguilla and their international agents spread across the globe. It conforms to stringent British Government enforced financial regulations. It also uses digital certificates and digital certificates to ensure privacy and security of transactions.

Retinal Image Construction and Retinopathy

Client : Nidek, Japan

Techlead developed this solution for Nidek Co., Japan. The system helps an opthalmologist view the entire retina to assess the onset or progression of retinal diseases. The human retina is imaged with a fundus camera which captures a series of small but overlapping areas of the retina. The opthalmologist however requires to view the entire retina. Techlead developed efficient and innovative algorithms to analyse, transform and merge multiple fundus images to create a combined retinal image. Multiple images captured over time can also be geometrically matched and compared to assess progress of diseases.

Knowledge Worker Management System

National Commercial bank, Jamaica

Techlead developed the Knowledge Worker Management System (KWMS) for National Commercial bank, Jamaica. The system focuses on an organisation's most valued asset- its people - and effectively manages the intellectual competencies of the enterprise. The system helps in recruitment, employee tracking, manpower planning, performance appraisal, career planning, employee development, compensation and benefits administration, pension processing, leave administration, training management, grievances and disputes management and provides a comprehensive audit trail.